Bathroom Brainteaser from Mira Showers has Brits Beat!

Can you find the shower in this hoard of household items in under 23 seconds?

A bathroom-themed brainteaser has been ‘leaked’ today, challenging Brits to find the shower amongst a hoard of household items. With everything from towels to toothpaste packed into the puzzle, the record time for finding the shower currently stands at 23 seconds. But can you beat it?

The cheeky challenge has been created by Mira Showers to celebrate the launch of its brand new electric shower range – Mira Decor. 

The Mira Decor and Mira Decor Dual, (Mira’s dual outlet electric shower), is now available from selected B&Q and Screwfix stores across the country with prices starting from £190.00.  Combining sleek design and Mira’s innovative technology, the range allows consumers to experience more from their electric showers by providing extra choice, luxurious finishes, flexible fittings and incredible power.

Designed with contemporary bathrooms in mind, the Mira Decor products come in three distinctive finishes; White, Warm Silver and Black Onyx, all flawlessly paired with stylish chrome detailing. The range features separate flow and temperature controls to help the user fine tune their experience. Both products also feature an on/off push button so that power and temperature controls can be left at the preferred settings.

Stephanie Matthews, from Mira Showers, said:

“A good puzzle is a great way to enjoy some valuable time to yourself and clear your mind. So, what better way to celebrate our latest launch than by creating a brainteaser to share? At Mira, we’re committed to innovation and creating products that solve all types of challenges the bathroom can present – from design to technology. With the new Mira Decor range, we hope to provide homeowners with even more choice and countless more opportunities to relax unwind. ” 

For further information, please visit the Mira Showers website: