Help Save The Hedgehog!

Hedgehogs have really been dramatic decline in recent years, infact The People’s Trust for Endangered Species believes that since the year 2000 we’ve lost 1 in 3 of the hedgehog population. Find out more about hedgehogs here.

We are responsible for their demise, but also the ones who can help to improve their chances of survival. Here we look at some ways we can help these cute critters thanks to


Making fencing hedgehog friendly

One of the biggest issues for hedgehogs is the fencing epidemic. Hedgehogs are small mammals and although their legs are surprisingly long, they cannot climb over six foot fence panels nor can they burrow through concrete footers. With adult hedgehogs travelling between 1 and 2 km a night foraging, they travel over entire housing estates. You can make life easier for them by leaving a small hole at the bottom of your fencing, or even removing the bottom slats to your garden gate to allow them easier access.

Keep a Messy Area of the Garden

Hedgehogs love mess – well a sort of untidy part of the garden where they can hide away from everything. Consider leaving some rugged areas for hedgehogs to enjoy with leaves, logs and longer grass.

Take Care When Gardening

A number of hedgehogs end up in rescue centres following incidents with strimmers and other garden tools. Before you get the strimmer out, have a rummage around to give any lurking hedgehogs the chance to move away first. Another danger is bonfires – a hedgehog will immediately be drawn to a big pile of logs but sadly will curl up rather than run away when it is lit. Where possible, make your bonfire the day you intend to burn it.

Keep Drains Covered

If a hedgehog falls in, it won’t be able to get out, so keep drains and holes covered.

Dont feed bread and milk

Contrary to urban legend, bread and milk are NOT good for hedgehogs. If you want to feed them, leave some cat food and fresh water out for them .


Buy a Hedgehog House

If you’re worried that the food you are leaving out is being snuffled by other visitors such as foxes and neighbourhood cats, but want to do your bit for hedgehogs, consider buying a Hedgehog House.

Hedgehog numbers are dwindling at the same rate as tiger numbers. Without change they will become endangered and possibly disappear from our communities entirely. If you cant physically help, why not make a donation to a wildlife rescue.

Adapted from Hedgehogs: The Ultimate Guide to Looking After Hedgehogs. Click here for the full article.