Holy Smoke! New Eazy BBQ brand launches its eco-barbecue range in the UK

In a bid to persuade the UK’s tong-wielding cooking fans to upgrade their charcoal choices this summer, new barbecue brand EAZYBBQ is launching its eco-barbecue range in the UK.   


Introducing a revolutionary, clean and easy to use way of grilling, the EazyBBQ brand brings barbecue lovers two new products – the first an eco-friendly disposable charcoal barbecue with a raised grill, perfect for the on-the-go barbecue. The second, a pre-packed box of charcoal that is used at home with an existing standard barbecue grill, avoiding the inconvenience of storing excess charcoal, and the mess of set-up. With only a match needed to light both the box and the barbecue, this is the easiest outdoor cooking has ever been.

The Disposable EazyBBQ, £8.99

EazyBBQ’s disposable barbecue is the ‘next generation’ in easy cooking at home and unlike the standard disposable barbecues, EazyBBQ puts the quality of the cooking and the sustainability of the materials at the top of its credentials. With a raised grill which sits above the tray, more air is able to circulate thereby avoiding the scorching of the meat and the surrounding areas. The kit also comes in a recycled cardboard box, making the BBQ super easy to transport –just 1.2kg and as 30cm x 25cm – and is fully disposable after use. 

Natural Instant Lighter for barbecues, £6.99

Large enough for 4-8 people

Lighting charcoal barbecues is always a messy and time consuming exercise but EazyBBQ’s solution is to offer a complete box of eco-charcoal that can simply be placed on an existing barbecue grill and lit with a match. Made from recycled cardboard, when burnt it will be hot enough to use within 20 minutes. This makes it a quicker, cleaner and more efficient fuel for outdoor cooking and you use one box per barbecue. No more half bags of charcoal getting damp in the shed. 

Olivier Midy, CEO of EAZYBBQ explains “Our passion for barbequing meant we were looking for clean fuels that had better environmental credentials. We wanted to radically improve the current disposable barbecue offer and show that there is a better way to delicious, flame cooked food.”

Eazy BBQ will is available now through all UK Homebase Stores and available on their website (www.homebase.co.uk).


UK Barbecue summer facts 2019

  • There were 137million barbecue occasions in 2018  up from 9 million in 1997