See Your Home in a Different Light…

with Light My Space, South Wiltshire’s lighting design specialists.

Lighting is the body language of your home and can provide a real wow factor faster, more easily and with less disruption, than redecorating or restyling.

lightGreat lighting makes great spaces and Light My Space believes that every space can be improved with good lighting design: “In every lighting design project, we consider multiple aspects of lighting well beyond those of style and colour. Your preferences and interests are where we start, for example – how you want to use the space, your favourite activities, reducing your eco-footprint and the latest technologies.”

Why would I need lighting design?

Well-designed lighting lifts your mood, makes you more productive, helps you relax and can have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing. It enables your spaces to work flexibly, enhances the interior design, accents architectural features, and also increase the attractiveness and value of your property.

lightWhen should I be thinking about my lighting?

If you are planning any sort of layout change such as an extension, renovation or home improvement project, the earlier you plan your lighting the more options you will have to get the lighting you really want. That way you can ensure that all your cabling, controls and power sources are in the right place so that when you are ready to choose your lumières, it’s a simple task to fit them. This will avoid any costly and inconvenient remedial work such as chasing out newly plastered walls or ceilings!

Can you help with garden lighting?

Yes. Thoughtful placement of garden lighting can highlight attractive garden features, create a stunning vista from the house, turn your garden into an outside room and make the approach to your home feel welcoming and safe. We can design for mains and/or solar lighting and we thoroughly test the lights we use to ensure they are high-quality and weather resistant.

If you’ve been inspired to make changes to your lighting, talk to us… because there’s more to light! To find out more, head to the website: or call 01980 555493.